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Electric vehicles use 10 to 25 kWh batteries. After their use in cars, these batteries are still in good condition to be used for energy storage in stationary applications and smart grid systems at all stages: generation, transmission, and distribution. However, before their reuse, there are some changes to be made on these batteries, such as those(More)
The main objective of this study is to find the most sustainable power supply option with regards to a specific zone of Burkina Faso. This article discusses the possibility to deploy a sustainable system providing water purification and electricity to a village of Burkina Faso. Three scenarios are considered to power up the water purification plant (A:(More)
Batteries are used in the electricity grid to provide ancillary services. Area regulation seems to provide substantial revenues and profit, but Li-ion batteries are still too expensive to enter widely into this market. On the other hand, electric vehicle (EV) batteries are considered inappropriate for traction purposes when they reach a state of health(More)
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