Lluís Torralba

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The potential of haploid tissues for genetic studies in conifers is hampered by the lack of abundant and homogeneous plant material suitable for DNA isolation. In this work we have determined factors promoting haploid callus induction and proliferation from megagametophytes of Oria 6, a genotype of Pinus pinaster Aiton (maritime pine) from the natural(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the differential features of positive blood alcohol level (BAL) in people injured in road crashes who were attended an acute care service. METHODS Cross-sectional study of persons aged 18 years old or older injured in motor vehicle crashes who were attended in the Traumatology Emergency Department of Vall d'Hebron Hospital (Spain)(More)
INTRODUCTION The epidemic of heroin use began in Barcelona, as in the rest of Spain, in the late 70's, to reach its peak by the end of the 80's. In a first period, responsible officers experimented difficulties to define the specific objectives of opiate control policies. This paper reviews the effects of the adoption of an explicit policy on drug(More)
Health services in Spain are currently being improved. Definition of the services portfolio has been one of the elements in this process, from which public health services have been largely left out. In the present article public health services are examined from the perspective of the Public Health Agency of Barcelona. We propose a scheme to classify(More)
UNLABELLED Bacterial comfort is central to biotechnological applications. Here, we report the characterization of different sensoring systems, the first step within a broader synthetic biology-inspired light-mediated strategy to determine Escherichia coli perception of environmental factors critical to bacterial performance. We did so by directly 'asking'(More)
BACKGROUND Mortality caused by acute adverse drug reactions (AADR) increased in Spain over the eighties and has become one of the major causes of death for youth. This paper presents the results of a study in the city of Barcelona during the 1983-92 decade; based in the city drug information system. METHODS The study includes all deaths caused by AADR(More)
Drug-related deaths have become a major source of premature mortality. This paper presents an analysis of deaths due to acute adverse drug reactions caused by opiates or cocaine in the city of Barcelona over a 5-year period during which figures were stable. Annual mortality rates due to adverse drug reactions of city residents for the 1989-93 period were(More)
OBJECTIVE Methadone maintenance programs (MMP) currently offer the best treatment for opioid-addicted patients. The aim of this study was to examine the cost-effectiveness of three MMPs that offered varying levels of supplementary services. Health-related quality of life was used as a measure of effectiveness. METHODS A 12-month follow-up study of 586(More)