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This paper describes xENoC, an automatic and component re-use HW-SW environment to build simulatable and synthesizable Network-on-Chip-based MPSoC architectures. xENoC is based on a tool, named NoCWizard, which uses an eXtensible Markup Language (XML) specification, and a set of modularized components and templates to generate many types of NoC instances by(More)
Application Specific Printed Electronics Circuit (ASPEC), a circuit designed and customized for a special application rather than intended for general-purpose use, is the equivalent term for ASIC but for printed electronics. In this paper, we extend the printed electronics to ASPEC design by developing a standard cell library for CPI (center for Process(More)
We report on the detailed electrical investigation of all-inkjet-printed thin-film transistor (TFT) arrays focusing on TFT failures and their origins. The TFT arrays were manufactured on flexible polymer substrates in ambient condition without the need for cleanroom environment or inert atmosphere and at a maximum temperature of 150 °C. Alternative(More)