Lluís M. Plà-Aragonés

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A simulation model and its application for planning swine facilities are presented. Swine production is becoming more and more specialized, hence the sizing of a farm producing piglets is the main strategic decision concerning farmers who invest in sow production, since a farm comprises a big range of facilities with many possible sizes. The classical(More)
Decision support systems (DSS) is the natural framework where decision models should be included in order to support farmers, advisers or livestock management specialists in the decision making process. During last years, the increment of competition between intensive livestock producers, in general and pig producers, in particular, caused the marginal(More)
In this paper we study a bottleneck production system with deterministic processing times, exponential failure and repair times as a closed queueing network. We combine some aspects of reliability engineering with the renewal theory characterizing the output process of a CONWIP (CONstant Work-in-Process) line as a function of its maintenance. We consider(More)
A simulation model representing the dynamics of a sow farm is presented in contrast with other approaches. To highlight relevant aspects of the model a real application for planning piglet production is considered. The main contribution of the model is that sow herd management is based on batches of sows being in the same reproductive state, as actually is(More)
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