Lluís Formiga

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A restricted domain text-to-speech system oriented to a weather forecast application is presented. This TTS system is embedded in a multimedia interactive service accessible from different media, such as TV, Internet and mobile devices. The requirements of this application give rise to several particularities in the design and implementation of the TTS(More)
The quality of corpus-based text-to-speech systems depends on the accuracy of the unit selection process, which in turn relies on the cost function definition. This function should map the user perceptual preference when selecting synthesis units, which is a very difficult task. This paper continues our previous work on fusing the human judgements with the(More)
This paper describes the UPC participation in the WMT 12 evaluation campaign. All systems presented are based on standard phrase-based Moses systems. Variations adopted several improvement techniques such as morphology simplification and generation and domain adaptation. The morphology simplification overcomes the data sparsity problem when translating into(More)
We present a corpus consisting of 11,292 real-world English to Spanish automatic translations annotated with relative (ranking) and absolute (adequate/non-adequate) quality assessments. The translation requests, collected through the popular translation portal http://reverso.net, provide a most variated sample of real-world machine translation (MT) usage,(More)
Misspelled words have a direct impact on the final quality obtained by Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) systems as the input becomes noisy and unpredictable. This paper presents some improvement strategies for translating real-life noisy input. The proposed strategies are based on a preprocessing step consisting in a character-based translator (MT)(More)
This paper describes the TALP participation in the WMT13 evaluation campaign. Our participation is based on the combination of several statistical machine translation systems: based on standard phrase-based Moses systems. Variations include techniques such as morphology generation , training sentence filtering, and domain adaptation through unit derivation.(More)
Estrategias pivote como alternativa a las tareas de traducción automática estadística entre idiomas ibéricos Abstract: This paper describes different pivot approaches to built SMT systems for language pairs with scarce parallel resources. The strategy is particularly interesting for Spain, a country with three official languages (Catalan, Basque, and(More)
the work presented in this paper deals with text-to-speech systems based on unit selection. The quality of the synthesis relies on having an accurate unit selection process. Usually, the quality of this procedure can be tuned by adjusting a set of weights that control the selection process. However, in order to achieve a good quality, the tuning process(More)