Lloyd M Krieger

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One hundred and three apparently healthy elderly subjects age 60-89 y were randomly assigned to one of three treatments: placebo, 15 mg zinc/d, or 100 mg Zn/d for 3 mo. Plasma Zn was significantly increased only in the 100 mg Zn group. Zn concentrations in erythrocytes, platelets, mononuclear cells, and polymorphonuclear leukocytes were not significantly(More)
Discount cosmetic surgery is a topic of interest to plastic surgeons. To understand this trend and its effects on plastic surgeons, it is necessary to review the economics of cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery's practice environment, and the broader business principles of service industries. Recent work looked at the economics of the plastic surgery market.(More)
Managed care organizations recently have attempted to add aesthetic surgery to their line of available services. To better understand the challenges posed by these actions, all members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery were surveyed about managed care overtures to aesthetic plastic surgeons, their responses, and the likely responses of(More)
Nerve transfers have been well described for the treatment of congenital and traumatic injuries in the brachial plexus and extremities. This series is the first to describe nerve transfers to reanimate the diaphragm in patients confined to long-term positive pressure ventilation because of high cervical spine injury. Patients who have sustained injury to(More)
To gather information about aesthetic surgery's current practice structures, competitive environment, patient price sensitivity, and marketing and practice development requirements, a two-page survey was developed and mailed to all 1180 members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. A total of 632 surveys were returned (response rate of 54.5(More)
Many plastic surgeons develop technologies that are manufactured by Wall Street-financed companies. Others participate in the stock market as investors. This study examines the bioengineered skin industry to determine whether it integrates clinical and financial information as Wall Street tenets would predict, and to see whether the financial performance of(More)
Periods of economic downturn place special demands on the plastic surgeon whose practice involves a large amount of cosmetic surgery. When determining strategy during difficult economic times, it is useful to understand the macroeconomic background of these downturns and to draw lessons from businesses in other service industries. Business cycles and(More)