Lloyd K Shield

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OBJECTIVE To identify the clinical and neuroradiologic features of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (ADEM) in childhood. METHODS A retrospective review was conducted of the medical records and MRI of children who presented to the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne with ADEM between January 1993 and December 1998. RESULTS Of the 31 patients(More)
Paroxysmal tonic upgaze (PTU) of childhood is a distinctive neuro-ophthalmological syndrome of unknown etiology and pathogenesis that is characterized by episodes of sustained upward deviation of the eyes, often with incomplete downward saccades on attempted downgaze. It is generally regarded as having a benign outcome. We observed 16 children with PTU,(More)
We report 143 Australian and North American cases of primary nemaline myopathy. As classified by the European Neuromuscular Centre guidelines, 23 patients had severe congenital, 29 intermediate congenital, 66 typical congenital, 19 childhood-onset, and 6 adult-onset nemaline myopathy. Inheritance was autosomal recessive in 29 patients, autosomal dominant in(More)
Chronic inflammatory demyelinating neuropathy (CIDP) is a rare disease in childhood. We reviewed the clinical characteristics, response to therapy, and long-term prognosis in 13 children (1.5 to 16 years of age) diagnosed with CIDP at Washington University Medical Center, St. Louis, and the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia, between 1979 and(More)
The clinical features and outcome of idiopathic acute transverse myelopathy were reviewed for 21 children aged between seven months and 14 years. Pain, most commonly in the back, was the initial symptom for 12 patients; for another six it was weakness and for two urinary retention. All patients had weakness of the legs, and 11 had arm weakness as well. Five(More)
OBJECTIVE To report pathologic findings in 124 Australian and North American cases of primary nemaline myopathy. METHODS Results of 164 muscle biopsies from 124 Australian and North American patients with primary nemaline myopathy were reviewed, including biopsies from 19 patients with nemaline myopathy due to alpha-actin (ACTA1) mutations and three with(More)
BACKGROUND Benign acute myositis of childhood is a disorder of midchildhood, typically affecting boys. Symptoms include calf pain and difficulty walking after a viral illness. There is an epidemiologic association with influenza. OBJECTIVES To describe the clinical and laboratory features of benign acute myositis. RESULTS Thirty-eight children (32 boys,(More)
The long terminal repeat U3 sequences were determined for multiple feline leukemia virus proviruses isolated from naturally occurring T-cell tumors. Heterogeneity was evident, even among proviruses cloned from individual tumors. Proviruses with one, two, or three repeats of the long terminal repeat enhancer sequences coexisted in one tumor, while two(More)
OBJECTIVE Our first objective was to determine whether SEPN1 gene mutations are a cause of congenital fiber-type disproportion (CFTD), a rare form of congenital myopathy in which relative hypotrophy of type 1 (slow twitch) muscle fibers is the principal abnormality on histology. Second, we investigated an association between SEPN1-related myopathy and(More)