Lloyd J. Griffiths

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Abstruct-A system CoIlSisting of an antenna array and an adaptive processor CM perfonn filtering in both the space and the frequency domrirs, thm reducing the seafitivity of the signal-receiving system to interfering directionnl wise sources. Variable weights of a signal processor can be automatically adjusted by a simple adaptive tedmiqpe based on the(More)
A general framework for adaptive and non-adaptive spacetime beampattern synthesis using quadratic beampattern constraints with minimum mean-square error (MMSE) and linearly constrained minimum variance (LCMV) beamforming is presented. Main beam and sidelobe pattern control is achieved by imposing a set of inequality constraints on the weighted mean-square(More)
This paper addresses the use of adaptive array signal processing in airborne radar systems to remove terrain-scattered interference, or hot clutter. Mitigation of terrain scattered interference in airborne radar systems involves cancellation of reflections from a multiplicity of ground reflector locations each having potentially different directions of(More)
Reverberant noise is present in most practical applications of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) that do not rely on close-talk microphones. Unlike additive noise, there is limited progress in reducing the effect of reverberant noise in speech. For our REverberant Voice Enhancement and Recognition Benchmark (REVERB) challenge submission, we propose to use(More)