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High-precision analyses of supersymmetry parameters aim at reconstructing the fundamental supersymmetric theory and its breaking mechanism. A well defined theoretical framework is needed when higher-order corrections are included. We propose such a scheme, Supersymmetry Parameter Analysis SPA, based on a consistent set of conventions and input parameters. A(More)
Squalene synthase (SQS) is an important enzyme in the steroid biosynthetic pathways which condenses two molecules of farnesyl pyrophosphate into a squalene. In this study, the gene encoding SQS was isolated from Schizochytrium limacinum and characterized. The full-length cDNA of S. limacinum SQS gene (SlSQS) is 1605 bp in length, it contains a 1293 bp ORF(More)
Two microgel particles are encapsulated in a microdrop having a spherical diameter smaller than the sum of the diameters of the microgels; this causes the microgels to be squeezed together by the oil–water interface of the drop, in turn, making the drop ellipsoidal in shape. By modeling the force applied to the microgels by the drop and equating this to the(More)
We present a simultaneous measurement of the forward-backward asymmetry and the top-quark polarization in t ¯ t production in dilepton final states using 9.7 fb −1 of proton-antiproton collisions at ffiffi ffi s p ¼ 1.96 TeV with the D0 detector. To reconstruct the distributions of kinematic observables we employ a matrix element technique that calculates(More)