Lloyd Greene

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Leaders of health care organizations are increasingly interested in ways to attract, retain, and gain commitment from their employees. This interest is created in part because high turnover rates and the lack of commitment negatively affect the provision of care and the bottom line in their organizations. In a quality and cost conscious health care(More)
"Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs" is a diagram etched in the minds of most business and social science majors and many practitioners. It is much like a mantra and has been widely accepted, though initially it was not empirically tested. In a Theory of Hunzan Motivation (Maslow, 1943) A. H. Maslow postulated that only needs not yet satisfied influence human(More)
Throughout the world new hospitals have been designed and built for high quality medical care. Few have been designed to be beautiful. We believe each hospital should enhance the lives of patients, visitors, and staff by including works of art. Works of art cost money, yet money spent on contemporary works provides employment for painters, sculptors, and(More)
A dramatic trend has developed in leadership preparation: the use of Arts Based Training (ABT). Recent literature has reported that the corporate world and graduate business degree programs have discovered the significant value that the arts can play in educating and developing management talent. The MFA (Master of Fine Arts) is the new MBA! The reasoning(More)
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