Lloyd D. Hughes

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BACKGROUND currently one of the major challenges facing clinical guidelines is multimorbidity. Current guidelines are not designed to consider the cumulative impact of treatment recommendations on people with several conditions, nor to allow comparison of relative benefits or risks. This is despite the fact that multimorbidity is a common phenomenon. (More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of the study was to review prescribing of psychoactive medications for older residents of the Tayside region of Scotland. METHODS The analysis used community prescribing data in 1995 and 2010 for all older residents in Tayside. For each psychoactive drug class, the name of the most recently prescribed drug and the date prescribed(More)
Over the last two decades in particular there has been a remarkable increase in the number of solid organ transplants being performed worldwide alongside improvements in long-term survival rates. However, the infrastructure at transplant centres has been unable to keep pace with the current volume of the transplant patient work load. These pressures on(More)
This article aims to outline the principles that underpin good practice in the assessment and management of pain syndromes in older patients with advanced, life-limiting illnesses. Older patients receiving palliative care can be nursed in a variety of settings, including acute hospitals and in the community either at home, in nursing homes or hospices. An(More)
INTRODUCTION Over the last few years, hypnotic and anxiolytic medications have had their clinical efficacy questioned in the context of concerns regarding dependence, tolerance alongside other adverse effects. It remains unclear how these concerns have impacted clinical prescribing practice. MATERIALS AND METHODS This is a study reviewing(More)
Introduction There are approximately 750,000 people in the UK with dementia with many being cared for in a nursing home environment. Dementia patients often exhibit significant mental state disturbances including confusion, agitation and aggression and these may be provoked or exacerbated by many external factors. In this study we hypothesised that(More)