Llinos W Morgan

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Interleukin-6 signaling via its soluble receptor (sIL-6R) differentially regulates inflammatory chemokine expression and leukocyte apoptosis to coordinate transition from neutrophil to mononuclear cell infiltration. sIL-6R activities may, however, be influenced in vivo by the occurrence of two sIL-6R isoforms that are released as a consequence of(More)
Recently, we identified that regulation of leukocyte recruitment by IL-6 requires shedding of the IL-6R from infiltrating neutrophils. In this study, experiments have examined whether other IL-6-related cytokines possess similar properties. Levels of oncostatin M (OSM) and leukemia inhibitory factor were analyzed in patients with overt bacterial peritonitis(More)
BACKGROUND Glucose degradation products (GDP) present in heat-sterilized dialysis fluids are thought to contribute to cellular dysfunction and membrane damage during peritoneal dialysis. To examine the effects of specific GDP on the remesothelialization process, the impact of conventional and low GDP peritoneal dialysis solutions, D-glucose, and individual(More)
A prospective study of infants under 1 y of age, ventilated for severe viral bronchiolitis, was carried out in four paediatric intensive care units in order to study surfactant activity and composition in this condition. Lung lavage fluid from 24 infants with bronchiolitis, 19 with bronchiolitis and sepsis or cardiac failure and 12 controls were analysed by(More)
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