Llanos Méndez

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A high-statistics sample of photoproduced charm from the FOCUS experiment has been used to search for direct CP violation in the decay rates for D+-->K(S)pi+ and D+-->K(S)K+. We have measured the following asymmetry parameters relative to D+-->K-pi+pi+: A(CP)(K(S)pi+) = (-1.6+/-1.5+/-0.9)%, A(CP)(K(S)K+) = (+6.9+/-6.0+/-1.5)%, and A(CP)(K(S)K+) =(More)
  • Coauthors, J M Link, +113 authors Madi-Son Wisconsin
FOCUS is a very high statistics charm experiment, run at Fermilab in 1996-1997, which reconstructed over 1,000,000 charm events). In this paper some of the latest results in the decays of charm mesons and baryons will be reported : new decay channels, singly and doubly Cabibbo suppressed decays, lifetimes, 3-body Dalitz analysis. The fixed target experiment(More)
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