Ljupcho Antovski

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Elliptic curves are gaining momentum as scientists are continuously proving their security and performance. Pairings over elliptic curves are relatively new in the world of cryptography. Researchers are coming with new cryptographic usage of pairings for over ten years. ID-based cryptography is also gaining popularity because of the certificate-less mode of(More)
The anonymous channels have been the essence of numerous protocols that include anonymous message passing between peers. The mixnet structure is one way to accomplish the anonymity. Since the publication of the Chaumian mixnet, there have been many practical implementations. There are two main approaches to implement mixnets: the decryption (Chaumian) and(More)
This paper proposes a new risk management framework tailored for IT-centric micro and small companies based on the analysis of the best practices in risk management concepts, specifically the risk management frameworks. The proposed framework for risk management is a synergy of various elements from the existing frameworks, tailored to the specifics of the(More)
Clients expect that enterprise software systems, which are continually growing in complexity, are of high quality, with reasonable price and have a short time to market. To find ways to meet with the increasing demands of business, software engineers are forced to find ways to streamline development process. Software reuse is believed to be one such(More)
Recent statistics indicate that at least one in every three deaths in the world occurs due to a heart attack. Scientific studies show that certain types of such attacks can be detected before their occurrence. This makes the real-time processing of wearable ECG sensors and smartphones an extremely important topic. Delivering healthcare solutions for a(More)
High-quality software, delivered on time and budget, constitutes a critical part of most products and services. Today software engineers are faced with a demand for complex and powerful software systems. To be competitive in the market software engineers are forced to create software as quickly as possible. Software reuse or component-based development(More)