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Pre-clinical toxicologic studies were conducted of a new drug teraphtal-Lio (TPh) and a teraphtal-Lio + ascorbic acid (TPh + AA) catalytic system recommended for binary catalytic therapy of malignant tumors. Quantitative criteria for "acute" and "chronic" toxicity of TPh and TPh + AA were established, which describe their toxic effects in single or multiple(More)
Teraphtal-Lio (Tph) exerted a toxic dose-dependent effect on the hemostatic system. Treatment of experimental animals with maximum tolerated and highly toxic doses was followed by acute DVS syndrome formation involving a hemophilic condition, soaring activated partial prothrombin time, absence of fibrinogen, sharp rise in fibrinogen degradation product and(More)
A binary teraphtal-Lio + ascorbic acid (Tph + AA) catalytic system has been tested for untoward side-effects using three procedures of regional intraarterial infusion on dogs. On the basis of the data on local-tissue and overall toxicity, an optimal one was selected and recommended for clinical use.
The content of the microelements (ME) iron, copper and zinc was determined in healthy subjects and patients with iron deficiency anemia (IDA), aged 17 to 86, subdivided into three groups: First group--51 healthy females with iron, copper and zinc levels, close to those reported in literature, the same values used for the control groups. The second group--61(More)
Purpose To present the results in the area of modern computer-aided control system design tools relating to system identification. Design/methodology/approach The finite-frequency identification method was designed for the needs of active identification. The test signal represents the sum of harmonics with automatically tuned (self-tuned) amplitudes and(More)
At present, the control theory has at its disposal a number of identification methods for plants specified by linear differential equations. The identification process can have passive or active forms. In the passive identification, the measured input to the plant has the meaning of a control action which depends on the control objectives and is not related(More)