Ljubomira Ivanova

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In the buccal epithelial micronuclear test, only the higher frequency of cells with any nuclear degenerative changes is considered to be attributable to the adverse influence of environmental factors. Comprehensive examination of 223 children of 5-7 years of age, going to kindergartens and schools has indicated that the frequency of cells with nuclear(More)
Performance of cognitive tests and EEG spectral power were evaluated in 39 students aged from 19-21 years in two conditions: during common educational process and immediately before examination (stress condition). Before examination, the performance was better in subjects with low level of spectral density in the delta band (in the occipital, parietal,(More)
Multiple factors interact during the evolution of renal diseases. In the present study, we examined the expression of DNA topoisomerases type I and IIalpha, which reflect gene transcription and DNA replication, respectively. Enzyme content was assessed by immunohistochemistry using two specific monoclonal antibodies, C21 and Ki-S4, on 81 archival(More)
Vanadium modified mesoporous silicas type MCM-41, MCM-48, and SBA-15 are obtained by a solid state method. The samples are characterized and compared at the different steps of their preparation by X-ray diffraction, N(2)-physisorption, FTIR, UV-vis, XPS, and TG-TPR. Samples catalytic activity is tested in ethylacetate oxidation. Formation of various(More)
AIM Comparison of two cyclophosphamide (CPA) treatment regimens in chronic glomerulonephritis (CGN) patients: oral daily CPA versus intravenous CPA pulses (IV-CPA) MATERIALS AND METHODS: 31 nephrotic patients entered the trial: 12, 16 and 3 with membraneous, mesangial proliferative and mesangiocapillary CGN, respectively. The patients were randomized into(More)
The analysis of literature data was carried out and performed research justifying the epidemic value of detection in water P. aeruginosa in drinking and domestic water use. The were revealed features of the vital activity of P aeruginosa in water bodies as opposed to conventional microbiological indicators. It was shown that the coliform group indices can(More)