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Picturing the New Middle Class: Two 19th Century Portraits of Serbian Women
During a recent visit to Belgrade fashion designer Milan St. Marković’s apartment, my eye chanced upon two portraits of young women (Figs. M-1 and M-2 in the graphic insert following p. 200 of thisExpand
The path to redemption: Reconsidering the role of the image of the virgin above the entrance to the church of the Virgin Hodegetria at the Peć Monastery
The church complex of the monastery at Peć achieved its final form with the projects undertaken by archbishop Danilo II (1324–1337). He began with the church of the Virgin Hodegetria (circa 1330)Expand
On the threshold of certainty: The incredulity of Thomas in the narthex of the katholikon of the Hosios Loukas monastery
The katholikon of the Hosios Loukas monastery, built around the first quarter of the eleventh century, has a narthex with a mosaic decoration on its west side. The Incredulity of Thomas isExpand
Materializing Authority: The Church of Saint Sava in Belgrade and Its Architectural Significance
When Sinan-Pasha burned the mortal remains of Saint Sava and scattered the ashes around, he was certainly aware of the power of mortal strength which is invariably feared and finally succumbed to byExpand