Ljubomir Lazić

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– Graphlets are small non-isomorphic connected subgraphs used for different kinds of analyses in social networks, bioinformatics and other areas described by large networks, where their number can provide a characterization of the network properties. Much of existing methods for counting the graphlets are based on direct enumeration. However, in case of(More)
Web development projects are certainly different from traditional software development projects and, hence, require differently tailored measures for accurate effort estimation. Effort estimation accuracy will affect the availability of resource allocation and task scheduling. In this paper, we investigate the suitability of a newly proposed quality metrics(More)
There are a variety of models, methods and tools aimed at helping organizations in managing defects found in software development. Early estimation of project size, software quality (number of defects injected and fixed) and completion time is essential for successful project planning and tracking. In this paper, we suggest a strategy for the optimization(More)
Real-world numerical applications often require a huge number of calculations to be done in short time. The best way to speed-up these applications is to exploit a huge amount of data parallelism by parallelizing independent calculations. Multi-core processors do not have enough resources to achieve any significant utilization of available data parallelism.(More)
This paper presents some original solutions with regard to deployment of the US Department of Defense Simulation, Test and Evaluation Process (DoD STEP), using an automated target tracking radar system as a case study of Integrated and Optimized Software Testing Process (IOSTP) framework deployment. This paper is a composite of what is in hand and within(More)
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