Ljubo Vlacic

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Robot motion is a field of continuing and active research that has recorded a number of achievements in the last decade, but research appears to be becoming stagnant in key areas. Current researchers limit the success of their work by using sensors with limited features capable of operating in static environments with known static obstacles and not(More)
We introduce a motion estimation algorithm that fuses visual and range data to give an unambiguous estimate of the velocity of objects visible to a camera and range sensor. Dynamic scale space is used to avoid temporal aliasing and a novel robust estimator based on Least Trimmed Squares is used to smooth results between boundaries established using range(More)
This paper describes a new approach for estimating the vehicle motion trajectory in complex urban environments by means of visual odometry. A new strategy for robust feature extraction and data post-processing is developed and tested on-road. Scale-invariant Image Features (SIFT) are used in order to cope with the complexity of urban environments. The(More)
This paper presents a vehicle distance and tracking control system designed for stop-and-go situations. It describes the control scheme in detail and presents results of experimentation conducted to test the control system. This paper also briefly describes a vehicle longitudinal model designed for stop-and-go situations. In the end conclusions are drawn.
Many robust sensor fusion strategies have been developed in order to reliably detect the surrounding environments of an autonomous vehicle. However, in real situations there is always the possibility that sensors or other components may fail. Thus, internal modules and sensors need to be monitored to ensure their proper function. This paper introduces a(More)
In order to investigate the interaction and collaboration of human and artificial beings as fully equal partner agents, we have developed an interactive computer game called TeamMATE and tested its operation under a boardroom-like play scenario. We outline the key features and desirable properties that are necessary in an electronic boardroom environment(More)