Ljubica Leposavić

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In clinical neuropsychology a huge number of neuropsychological tests have been developed, and the corpus of these instruments is always increasing. Because of this, the question has been raised as to which are the most usefull instruments that provide the best neuropsychological profiles of the subjects. In the actual literature, there are polemics about(More)
There are very few investigations about sex differences in suicide which include some other variables (e.g. age, profession etc). Data which concern suicide sex differences are obscure and usually are given in statistical accounts of causes of death. The aim of our study was to investigate sex differences in realized suicides within the city of Belgrade(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies concerned with neuropsychological aspect of delusions, were mainly focused on specific forms of this disorder, such as Cotard or Capgras type of delusions. Comparatively small numbers of investigations were concerned with cognitive deficiencies accompanying the delusions. The substance of this study includes the detection of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Children and adolescents who enter a child welfare system are at higher risk of suffering from mental disorders, physical health, and/or social and educational problems than the general population of the same age is. This study was organized with the aim to evaluate the general characteristics of quality of life (QOL) in children and(More)
UNLABELLED Currently available evidence reveals comparatively few studies of the psychological and social effects of acquired hearing impairment, in spite of the fact that clinicians have for a long time been aware of a connection between acquired hearing impairment and mental disorders. The existing data indicate that psychological disorders are(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies carried out during the last twenty years point to an increase of co-morbidity of harmful use of alcohole caused disorders in the population of schizophrenic patients. The results show rate of this kind of co-morbidity between 35 and 80%. The aims of the investigation are: establishing frequency of harmful use of alcohol in the(More)
INTRODUCTION The role of attribution in psychopathology has been investigated most systematically within the depression context. The presumption which makes people depressive consists, to an excessive degree, of internal, stable and global attributions to negative occurrences. Negative attributions for unpleasant events are associated with the loss of(More)
INTRODUCTION Neuropsychological aspects of paranoid schizophrenia have still not been examined enough.These disorders are usually not studied separately, but are included in the studies about schizophrenic patients with positive symptoms. Despite the fact that schizophrenia represents a heterogeneous group of mental disorders, usually it is not separated(More)
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