Ljiljana Vukelja

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In this paper we present the results of a descriptive online survey conducted among Swiss software developers regarding their engineering practices with a special focus on the design and development of user interfaces. This enables an insight into the everyday life of a software engineer and can lead usability practitioners, project managers and clients to(More)
Interaction design is a major issue for mobile information systems in terms of not only the choice of input-output channels and presentation of information, but also the application of context-awareness. To support experimentation with these factors, we have developed a platform that supports the rapid prototyping of multi-channel, multi-modal,(More)
The Desktop metaphor has repeatedly been declared antiquated in various ways. It nevertheless continues existing. Despite the widely pronounced critique, it is still not clear what functional requirements have to be met by a new none-desktop interface. In this context, we define and explain the functional requirements (paradigms) we think fundamental for(More)
We analysed four Rational Unified Process (RUP) projects in Switzerland that identified themselves as following a user-centred approach. Grounded theory served for analysis of 12 interviews with software developers, project managers, and UI specialists. For each professional group we analysed their work context, motivations, work practices, and strategies(More)
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