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Study of vitamin E microencapsulation and controlled release from chitosan/sodium lauryl ether sulfate microcapsules.
This study avoided the use of aldehydes as cross-linking agents and found that chitosan/SLES complex can be used as wall material for the microencapsulation of hydrophobic active molecules in cosmetic industry. Expand
Study of interaction between chitosan and sodium lauryl ether sulfate
Chitosan is a biopolymer that has many potential applications in the industry because of its unique physicochemical properties. Many of these properties depend on its ability to interact withExpand
Edible water barrier films prepared from aqueous dispersions of zein nanoparticles
Abstract Zein, a corn protein, is often used for preparing edible films and coatings. Since zein is insoluble in water, zein films and coatings are usually prepared by spraying or casting its aqueousExpand
Preparation of composite zein/natural resin nanoparticles
The aim of this work was to investigate a possibility of preparing composite zein/natural resin (shellac and rosin) nanoparticles by antisolvent co–precipitation from their aqueous ethanol solutions.Expand
Surface Tension Measurements with the Drop Profile Analysis Tensiometry—Consideration of the Surfactant Mass Balance in a Single Drop
In drop profile analysis tensiometry, the ratio of drop surfaces area S to volume V is large, i.e., S/V >> 1. In such a case, the concentration of a surfactant within the drop bulk decreases due toExpand
Interfacial and emulsifying properties of chitosan/sodium lauryl ether sulfate system
Abstract Many pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products exist in form of emulsions. A common problem with emulsions is their instability. Interaction between polymer and surfactant could changeExpand
The Influence of Enzymatic Hydrolysis on Adsorption and Interfacial Dilatational Properties of Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Seed Protein Isolate
Pumpkin seed protein isolate, PSPI, was enzymatically hydrolysed by alcalase to obtain pumpkin seed protein hydrolysate, PSPH. Kinetics of PSPI and PSPH adsorption layer formation at oil–proteinExpand
Interactions of zein and zein/rosin nanoparticles with natural polyanion gum arabic.
It was shown that composition of nanoparticles affects their surface charge density, and reaction between GA and Z or Z/R NPs is exothermic at each pH tested, except for Z NPs at pH = 3, where it was endothermic. Expand
Zein–resin composite nanoparticles with coencapsulated carvacrol
Interfacial properties of chitosan/sodium dodecyl sulfate complexes
Contemporary formulations of cosmetic and pharmaceutical emulsions may be achieved by using combined polymer/surfactant system, which can form complexes with different structure and physicochemicalExpand