Ljiljana Milic

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BACKGROUND Due to the complexity of health system reform in the post-conflict, post-disaster, and development settings, attempts to restructure health services are fraught with pitfalls that are often unanticipated because of inadequate preliminary assessments. Our proposed Integrated Multimodal Assessment - combining quantitative and qualitative(More)
A simple tuning scheme that shifts the crossover frequency of the start-up IIR half-band filter pair to the desired location has been introduced recently. In this paper , the approximation of the tuning scheme is derived in a manner that makes this scheme suitable for fixed-point arithmetic. The effects of the approximation error to the frequency responses(More)
Injuries of the stomach and duodenum have an important place in abdominal trauma, even though that the isolated injuries are rare. This kind of injury is most commonly associated with injuries of other abdominal organs. This retrospective study has been done at the Department of Emergency Surgery, Clinical Centre of Serbia, during the period from January(More)
BACKGROUND Intra-abdominal infection in secondary peritonitis drives as excessive production of inflammatory mediators and the development of systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS) or sepsis. Finding a specific marker to distinguish SIRS from sepsis would be of immense clinical importance for the therapeutic approach. It is assumed that(More)
Two methods for multiplierless elliptic IIR filter implementation are discussed: cascade realization and parallel connection of two allpass networks. Elliptic IIR filters are selected because they fulfill the requirements with lower order, and, usually, they require fewer coefficient multipliers. The comparison is made on the basis of adder costs, amplitude(More)
This paper presents a computer model for simulating the impulse noise produced by the operation of circuit breakers and isolator switches in HV electric power systems. The simulator utilizes a recorded sample of the impulse noise as a kernel sequence. The kernel sequence is measured and recorded at the point of connection of the telecommunication equipment(More)
Multirate signal processing techniques are widely used in many areas of modern engineering such as communications, image processing, digital audio, and multimedia. The main advantage of a multirate system is the substantial decrease of computational complexity, and consequently, the lowered power consumption in real-time operations, smaller chip area(More)
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