Ljiljana Kostić

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Failures of tailings dams have degraded large areas of agricultural alluvial soils worldwide, and concomitant soil pollution studies are abundant. Yet, the data on the actual effects of thereby imposed stresses on major crops are scarce. This work analyses the effect of pyrite tailings from a copper mine, deposited over crop fields by long-term flooding, on(More)
We studied the effect of liming and P fertilization of extremely acid soil (accidently acidified by sulfidic mining waste) on P availability and the subsequent adaptive responses of wheat roots. The wheat plants were grown in rhizoboxes allowing precise sampling of rhizosphere and bulk soil for sequential extraction of P fractions and determination of(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Retranslocation of iron (Fe) from source tissues enhances plant tolerance to Fe deficiency. Previous work has shown that silicon (Si) can alleviate Fe deficiency by enhancing acquisition and root to shoot translocation of Fe. Here the role of Si in Fe mobilization in older leaves and the subsequent retranslocation of Fe to young leaves(More)
This paper argues on importance of gingival and dental parameters in evaluation of esthetic characteristics of fixed restorations. Human beauty is a specific category which is not easy to define by means of any known criteria or with mathematic formula. But, it is also important for practitioners to take into consideration some objective rules determining(More)
Although silicon (Si) is known to improve plant growth under low phosphorus (P) conditions, the in planta mechanisms responsible for this effect are still unknown. Here, we investigated the role of Si on P uptake along with the expression of Pi transporters in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) grown in low P acid soil in comparison with P fertilization and(More)