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This paper presents a new technique for value prediction. It uses perceptrons, one of the simplest neural networks, for prediction of instruction output values. Perceptrons have been shown to be highly effective for conditional branch prediction. Current value predictors use two-bit saturating counters for value prediction and involve an exponential(More)
This paper presents computer vision based techniques for object registration, real-time tracking, and image overlay. The capability can be used to superimpose registered images such as those from CT or MRI onto a video image of a patient’s body. Real-time object registration enables an image to be overlaid consistently onto objects even while the object or(More)
Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) is used as the bulk of the main memory in most computing systems and its energy and power consumption has become a first-class design consideration for modern systems. We propose <i>ESKIMO</i>, a scheme where when the program or operating systems memory manager allocates or frees up a memory region, this information is(More)
Increasing on-chip wire delay along with the distributed nature of processing elements, makes instruction scheduling for tiled dataflow architectures very crucial. Our analysis reveals that careful placement of most frequently executed sections of applications, and directly addressing resource contention can significantly improve the performance of the(More)
Dedication In memory of my beloved mother, Cuba. v Acknowledgements I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Dr. Touba for all of his encouragement and assistance in helping me get started in the Ph.D. program. I would also like to thank him for all of his guidance and support throughout the entire process. I am also grateful to Prof. Lynn(More)
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