Lizhong Song

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A compact fractal planar inverted F antenna (PIFA) for personal communication handset applications is proposed. The antenna covers GSM (0.89-0.96GHz), DCS (1.71-1.88GHz) and WLAN (2.445-2.455GHz) frequency bands. Overall size of the antenna is less than 48mm*21mm*1.5mm (1.51 cm3) makes it suitable for 4G handsets and can be easily designed and optimized by(More)
  • Lizhong Song
  • 2010
This paper discussed a kind of conformal equiangular spiral antenna on the surface of the circular truncated cone and evaluated its radiation performances. Firstly, a planar equiangular spiral antenna is modeled, then it is projected onto a surface of a circular truncated cone and the conformal equiangular spiral antenna is formed. The discussed antenna has(More)
This paper presents a new approach to the discrete-time sliding mode control design based on the reaching law approach. A new discrete reaching law, which is stable at the origin, is proposed. Also, an algorithm for uncertainty estimation is developed. The proposed algorithm is applied to the control of a DC servo system. Simulation results show that the(More)
An extremely low profile (0.022&#x03BB;<sub>c</sub>, &#x03BB;<sub>c</sub> is the wavelength of the central frequency) microstrip antenna with two H-shaped serial coupling slots for bandwidth enhancement is proposed in this paper. Compared with one coupling slot, a broader impedance bandwidth is available by employing two serial slots. Two coupling slots(More)
Because the Low-voltage broadband power line communication (BPLC) has the advantages of less investment costs, high construction speed and accessing easily, it becomes a development hotspot of the future cable communication. Compared with the other wired communication mediums, the low-voltage power line channel is more instable and has stronger(More)