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Failures are normal rather than exceptional in the cloud computing environments. To improve system availability, replicating the popular data to multiple suitable locations is an advisable choice, as users can access the data from a nearby site. This is, however, not the case for replicas which must have a fixed number of copies on several locations. How to(More)
A learning and adaptive control scheme for a general class of unknown MIMO discrete-time nonlinear systems using multilayered recurrent neural networks (MRNNs) is presented. A novel MRNN structure is proposed to approximate the unknown nonlinear input-output relationship, using a dynamic back propagation (DBP) learning algorithm. Based on the dynamic neural(More)
The "Internet of Things"(IoT) opens opportunities for devices and softwares to share information on an unprecedented scale. However, such a large interconnected network poses new challenges to system developers and users. In this article, we propose a layered architecture of IoT system. Using this model, we try to identify and assess each layer's(More)
Focusing on the problem of resource allocation under large-scale, distributed, autonomous, heterogeneous and dynamic environments in grid computing, a heuristic algorithm combining fuzzy clustering with application preference is proposed. Fuzzy clustering method is applied according to a group of features, which describe the user's application preference,(More)
In the research on mobile sensor networks, coverage control is one of the most important challenges. For the sensor network constructed by random distribution, better network coverage can be achieved by topology adjustment utilizing mobility of sensor nodes. This paper investigates how to make use of sensor radius adjustment and the mobility of the sensor(More)
With the development of micro-electronics technology, computing technology and the wireless communications technology, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) has been great concerned in recent years. The architecture of WSN directly affect entire network performance, and the network performance affects the availability of WSN. The design of WSN architecture need(More)
The meiotic drive gene in Aedes aegypti is tightly linked with the sex determination locus on chromosome 1, and causes highly male-biased sex ratios. We prepared cDNA libraries from testes from the Ae. aegypti T37 strain (driving) and RED strain (non-driving), and used suppressive subtraction hybridization techniques to enrich for T37 testes-specific(More)
Routing algorithm as a research core in the wireless mesh network, the design is good or bad is very important to network performance. In the field of ant colony optimization (ACO), models of collective intelligence of ants are transformed into useful optimization techniques that find applications in computer networking. Unbalanced traffic may lead to more(More)
Coverage control is one of the key problems of research and application of wireless sensor networks. In this paper, the coverage control problem for hybrid wireless sensor network consisting of both static and mobile sensors is investigated. A dynamic repair mechanism based on the ant colony algorithm is proposed for coverage blind spots found in the(More)
Protein is an important molecule that performs a wide range of functions in biological systems. The GOR algorithm is one of the most successful computational methods to predict secondary structure from protein sequence. FPGA chips have emerged as one promising application accelerator to accelerate bioinformatics algorithms by exploiting fine-grained custom(More)