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BACKGROUND As downstream mediators of PI3K /PTEN /AKT /mTORC1 pathway, the AKT isoforms play critical roles in tumorgenesis. Although the pleiotropic effects of AKT1 in breast cancer have been reported, the genetic and epigenetic characteristics of AKT1 promoter region in breast cancer remains to be identified. In this study we aimed to investigate the(More)
Circulating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) has been considered as a potential biomarker for non-invasive cancer detection. To evaluate the methylation levels of six candidate genes (EGFR, GREM1, PDGFRB, PPM1E, SOX17, and WRN) in plasma cfDNA as biomarkers for breast cancer early detection, quantitative analysis of the promoter methylation of these genes from 86(More)
This paper studies real-time traffic support in IEEE 802.16-based backhaul networks, where each subscriber station (SS) may be responsible for forwarding packets for a number of real-time voice connections. In an 802.16-based network, the SS requests bandwidth to the base station (BS) in the uplink, and bandwidth grants are sent back from the BS through the(More)
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