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—A converged broadcast and telecommunication service platform is presented that is able to create, deliver, and manage interactive, multimedia content and services for consumption on three different terminal types. The motivations of service providers for designing converged interactive multimedia services, which are crafted for their individual(More)
This paper presents the results of fast user trial of multimedia services that are enabled when a mobile terminal has access to converged services over digital broadcast and mobile telecommunications networks. It first describes the motivations behind developing this system and describes the service scenarios that benefit most from it. It then provides an(More)
Plane wave scattering by a three-extremely perturbed compared to a flat plane. The monostatic radar cross section (RCS) plane surface is studied in the case where the increases evidently in almost all incident angle scattering problem is reduced to the frequency or except for the grazing angle. time domain electric integral equation (EFIE). The conducting(More)
iv Acknowledgements Firstly, I would like to thank my advisors Bayani Cardenas and Todd Caldwell for their guidance, insights, knowledge, mentoring, pressure, and above all, their patience. It was not an easy ride, but they were available to kindly assist me all along the way. I deeply appreciate all their work and cannot thank them enough. Additionally, I(More)
All we know, is that we can discriminate a large numbers of odors, but mechanism to try to describe odor quality is complicated. The perception of odor quality is a homogeneous perception, according to the definition of odor quality, it is " a characteristic of an odor " , which we lack a specific language for odor quality. Many studies have been conducted(More)
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