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Skyline query has been gaining much interest in database research communities in recent years. Most existing studies focus mainly on centralized systems, and resolving the problem in a distributed environment such as a peer-to-peer (P2P) network is still an emerging topic. The desiderata of efficient skyline querying in P2P environment include: 1)(More)
This paper studies the eects of various types of online advertisements on purchase conversion by capturing the dynamic interactions among advertisement clicks themselves. It is motivated by the observation that certain advertisement clicks may not result in immediate purchases, but they stimulate subsequent clicks on other advertisements which then lead to(More)
The authors thank the review team for their very detailed and constructive comments, which greatly improved the article. They also thank the seminar partici-This article studies how to endogenously assess the value of a " superior " advertising position in the price competition and examines the resulting location competition outcomes and price dispersion(More)
P rocurement auctions are sometimes plagued with a chosen supplier's failing to accomplish a project successfully. The risk of project failure is considerable, especially when the buyer has inadequate information about suppliers ex ante and the project can only be evaluated at the end. To manage such uncertainty, a model of competitive procurement and(More)
Lizhen Xu is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Information, risk, and Operations Management, red McCombs School of Business, university of texas at austin. he holds an M.S. in economics from the university of texas at austin and a B.S. in engineering in computer science from tsinghua university, Beijing, China. his current research focuses on economic(More)
T his paper analyzes how the presence of organic listing as a competing information source affects advertis-ers' sponsored bidding and the equilibrium outcomes in search advertising. We consider a game-theoretic model in which two firms bid for sponsored advertising slots provided by a monopolistic search engine and then compete for consumers in price in(More)
Parameter estimates for associated genetic variants, reported in the discovery samples are often grossly inflated compared to the values observed in the follow-up samples. This type of bias is a consequence of the sequential procedure as a declared associated variant must first pass a stringent significance threshold. We propose a hierarchical Bayes method(More)