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PURPOSE To investigate the long term effects of laparoscopic varicocelectomy (LV) and microsurgical subinguinal varicocelectomy (MV) on ipsilateral testicular microcirculation using Color Doppler Flow Imaging (CDFI). MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 29 patients with left varicocele who underwent LV and 30 patients who underwent MV were examined with CDFI(More)
With the number of motor vehicles rapidly increasing, urban parking has become an intolerable problem in major cities in China. Parking facility service evaluations play an important role in urban transportation planning and operation. This paper introduces a level of service (LOS) concept based on a comprehensive parking study in Beijing, China. The LOS(More)
Radial basis function neural network (RBF-NN) is applied to simulate a random vibration system in this paper. First, an overview of random vibration system is introduced, and the dynamic model of the system and the spectral density of external excitation are presented. Then, a radial basis function neural network is proposed to predict the random vibration(More)
For any mature enterprise which has integrated modern management concept, it should have a set of perfect computer decision support system in order to provide a scientific decision basis for the decision maker to carry on management and planning. In this paper, on the basis of automotive integrated supply chain management decision model and the optimized(More)
Faced with some problems are becoming increasingly prominent, such as global ecological destruction, waste and shortages of resources, environmental pollution and so on, it has become a hot issue that how to achieve the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry. This topic put forward to construct circular supply chain in green manufacturing(More)
China is a power country in the textile production and trading. But comprehensive perspective on the development of China's textile industry, we find that it is not free from extensive growth mode, and is still an industry with more serious environmental pollution in our country. As to some problems which existed in the rapid development of China's textile(More)
Results: The mean values of peak systolic velocity, pulsatility index (PI) and resistive index (RI) of capsular artery (CA) and intratesticular artery (ITA) decreased significantly after LV and MV, whereas no significant change was observed in end-diastolic velocity. Comparing between two groups, the PI and RI values of left CA and ITA on 3rd month and of(More)
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