Lizette R. Chevalier

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This study examined the hypothesis that different inorganic carbon (IC) conditions enrich different ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB) and nitrite-oxidizing bacteria (NOB) populations by operating two laboratory-scale continuous-flow bioreactors fed with 15 and 100 mg IC/L, respectively. During this study, both bioreactors maintained satisfactory(More)
 Typically, teachers and counselors for grades 7-12 are not sufficiently educated in the areas of engineering to provide information and guidance to students. In addition, unconscious gender-related behavior by teachers in the classroom can dissuade female students from considering engineering even when there is an increased awareness of the discipline.(More)
 A website and CD-ROM based laboratory manual for the Environmental Engineering is being developed as a collaborative NSF-funded project between the Civil Engineering and the Interactive Multimedia Department at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. This presentation will be an overview the preliminary development and a summary of the formative(More)
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