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Ecological networks (ENs) of indigenous vegetation among commercial forestry plantations have been implemented to offset the negative effects of the alien plantation trees on local biodiversity. However, it is not known whether these ENs are equivalent to protected areas (PAs) in terms of their grassland biodiversity. To address this knowledge gap, we(More)
Summer's discovery in 1978 of a DNA virus, very close to human Hepatitis B virus in a woodchuck population in the U.S.A. (Pennsylvania) was a confirmation of the first description made by Snyder at Penrose Research Laboratory (Philadelphia). It was the first animal model of human B hepatitis infection. The comparative study of morphological, ecological and(More)
Live (diluted) and inactivated rabies vaccines of low antigen content induce early and enhanced death in mice, inoculated before vaccination with a wild type of rabies virus. Such vaccines, which neither induce interferon nor protect, produce a low level of antibodies which appear later than with vaccines of higher antigenicity. It is recommended to examine(More)