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The multiple sleep latency test and the maintenance of wakefulness test were administered on the same day to 258 consecutive patients whose clinical presentation required evaluation for excessive sleepiness. While the MSLT is the standard test for assessing excessive daytime sleepiness, the MWT may have some clinical advantage over the MSLT when the(More)
Echocardiography is the most commonly used modality for evaluating left ventricular size and function in the context of systolic heart failure. Traditional techniques, though extensively used, have their limitations and more recently several newer technologies have emerged that are more reproducible, provide prognostic information, guide therapies and have(More)
BACKGROUND Current guidelines recommend that transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) should be performed for acute risk stratification following acute pulmonary embolism (PE), but it is unclear whether the initial TTE can predict long-term outcome beyond six months. We sought to assess the potential of the initial right atrial (RA) to left atrial (LA) area(More)
OBJECTIVES Patients with schizophrenia treated with clozapine are at risk of acute myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy. However, there are no data on the prevalence of subclinical cardiomyopathy or its associations. METHODS 100 consecutive patients with schizophrenia treated with clozapine for >1 year and without a history of cardiac pathology (group(More)
DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUND The term " diastology " characterises left ventricular (LV) relaxation, filling dynamics and their integration into clinical practice 1. Recent advances in echocardiography have enabled the understanding of this complex process, particularly relevant in the setting of an aging population and rising prevalence of heart failure (HF) with(More)
BACKGROUND Acute pulmonary embolism (PE) carries an increased risk of death. Using transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) to assist diagnosis and risk stratification is recommended in current guidelines. However, its utilization in real-world clinical practice is unknown. We conducted a retrospective observational study to delineate the prevalence of(More)
BACKGROUND Periprocedural myocardial infarction (PMI) has had several definitions in the last decade, including the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions (SCAI) definition, that requires marked biomarker elevations congruent with surgical PMI criteria. METHODS AND RESULTS The aim of this study was to examine the definition-based(More)
The association of visual and auditory impairments, simultaneously or consecutively, is a rare condition at the onset of neurological diseases. To determine whether audiovisual impairment can be associated with a specific group of neurological disorders at onset, we performed a prospective study of 307 patients over 6 months in a specialized neurological(More)