Liz Sullivan

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Time series measurements of light scattering were made for 2(1/2) months at 20 meters above the bottom in the western North Atlantic. The highest values recorded with the nephelometer exceeded all previous measurements worldwide. Rapid changes indicated a high degree of activity near the sea floor, and some increases may have been related to atmospheric(More)
Estimates of mortality attributable to legal and illegal drugs are often used in the debate on legalisation as an indication of the comparative harmfulness of the drugs concerned. Yet there are few data on the health impact of illegal drugs and mortality figures are not adjusted for prevalence of drug use. The estimates therefore indicate only currently(More)
When we think of the basketball games played by the WAA league teams this year, the one thing that stands out differentiating the games from those played last year is the lack of spirit with which these games are carried through. Last year, if we remember correctly, other members of the houses came along to cheer their teams along. Some even had cheers and(More)
Agreement with the Bureau of the Census. The views, opinions, and findings contained in this report are those of the author and should not be construed as an official Bureau of the Census position, policy, or decision, unless so designated by other official documentation. This paper reports the results of a research project un-dertaken under a Joint(More)
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