Liz Parrish

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A search for the decay of the charmed meson Do t K’e+eis presented, based on data collected at the $(3770) resonance with the Mark III detector at SPEAR. No evidence for this process is found, resulting in an upper limit on the decay branching ratio of 1.7 x 10m3 at the 90% confidence level. Invited paper contributed to the XXIVth International Conference(More)
Psoriasis affects between 1% and 3% of the population and there is no cure for this chronic skin disease. This article gives an overview of the condition and available treatments. It focuses on managing symptoms, the range of medications available and the impact this chronic condition can have on a sufferer's quality of life. The article looks at medication(More)
There is mounting scientific evidence pointing to genetic or physiologic distinctions between genders and among racial and ethnic groups that influence disease risk and severity and response to treatment. The diverse enrollment of subjects engaged in clinical trials research is, thus, critical to developing safer and more effective drugs and medical(More)
We present a study of the decay J/lc, + +yqn+nusing the Mark III detector at SPEAR. A partial wave amplitude analysis is performed on the ~n+.rrsystem in the mass region from 1.2 to 1.5 GeV. We observe two ~T+Tresonances, each decaying via as(980)n. We identify one as the axial vector meson fr(1285) and the other as a pseudoscalar resonance at 1.40 GeV.(More)
D. Coffman, F. DeJongh, G. P. Dubois, G. Eigen, D. G. Hitlin, C. G. Matthews, J. Richman, A. J. Weinstein, W. J. Wisniewski, Y. Zhu California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125 T. Bolton, K. 0. Bunnell, R. E. Cassell, D. H. Coward, P. C. Kim, J. Labs, A. Odian, D. Pitman, R. H. Schindler, W. Toki, S. Wasserbaech Stanford Linear Accelerator Center,(More)
J. Adler, J. J. Becker, G.T. Blaylock, T. Bolton, J.C. Brient, J.S. Brown, K.O. Bunnell, M. Burchell, T.H. Burnett, R.E. C&sell, D. Coffman, V. Cook, D.H. Coward, D.E. Dorfan, J.Drinkard, G.P. Dubois, A.L. Duncan, G. Eigen, K.F. Einsweiler, B.I. Eisenstein, T. Reese, C. Gatto, G. Gladding, C. Grab, R.P. Hamilton,* J. Hauser, C.A. Heasch, D.G. Hitlin, J.M.(More)