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PURPOSE This article explores the experiences of family carers of older people in using support services in six European countries: Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden, and the UK. DESIGN AND METHODS Following a common protocol, data were collected from national samples of approximately 1,000 family carers per country and clustered into comparable(More)
acknowledge the importance and relevance of knowledge transfer between the fields of disability and ageing for the European Union, its Member States, stake-holders and citizens. Throughout this recommendation the term 'Long-Term Care and Support' (LTC/S) refers to formal care (mainly health and social care) and informal care provided to persons with any(More)
This article presents selected findings of the EUROFAMCARE research project, reporting up-to-date information on the use and accessibility of support services for family carers of older people in six European countries representing different typologies of welfare systems (Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Sweden and the UK). Data were collected by means of(More)
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