Liz Lyon

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This paper includes an overview of the changing landscape of scholarly communication and describes outcomes from the innovative eBank UK project, which seeks to build links from e-research through to e-learning. As introduction, the scholarly knowledge cycle is described and the role of digital repositories and aggregator services in linking data-sets from(More)
The authors would like to thank the various people, who contributed to the report by completing an interview or commenting on previous versions. The authors take responsibility for interpreting the answers and for any change of emphasis that comes with collating the viewpoints of the various contributors.
This paper provides an overview of the KRDS Benefit Analysis Toolkit. The Toolkit has been developed to assist curation activities by assessing the benefits associated with the long-term preservation of research data. It builds on the outputs of the Keeping Research Data Safe (KRDS) research projects and consists of two tools: the KRDS Benefits Framework,(More)
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