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The orbicularis oculi reflex was studied in nine cases with lateral medullary lesions. Diagnosis of the Wallenberg syndrome was made clinically in seven cases and at necropsy in another. The clinical features of one other case were closely allied to but not typical of this syndrome. An afferent delay of the late reflex on the side of the lesion in the(More)
The orbicularis oculi reflex was studied in 48 comatose patients and the results were correlated with clinical and pathological findings. The late component of the reflex was absent or of minimal amplitude in all cases regardless of the site of lesions, reflecting a diffuse suppression of the reticular system rather than a specific or local block in the(More)
Two patients with subacute arsenic neuropathy are described and the results of serial conduction velocity determinations from the very early stages of the illness to partial recovery are reported. Sensory and motor deficits were maximal within four weeks of the estimated time of exposure. Recovery was slow, with only partial improvement of the neurological(More)