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A statistically significant positive relationship exists between ridge height of a cast and dimensional changes in the posterior peripheral seal region of its denture base. This dimensional change might be clinically insignificant, but it should not be ignored. The relationship between distortion of the denture base and composition of the denture teeth is(More)
There will be a few themes. One to get us going: expansion versus contraction. About an object, o, and the region, R, of space(time) in which o is exactly located, 1 we may ask: i) must there exist expansions of o: objects in lled superregions 2 of R? ii) must there exist contractions of o: objects in lled subregions of R? Despite the apparent symmetry,(More)
Although red tides are typically formed by dinoflagellate blooms, aloricate ciliates in the genus Mesodinium also produce striking red blooms throughout the world. In mid-March 2015, we confirmed the occurrence of dense blooms of Mesodinium major in Lough Hyne Marine Nature Reserve, a fully marine sea lough in County Cork, SW Ireland. Daytime aggregations(More)
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