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This study aimed to define the term 'profound and multiple learning disabilities' (PMLD). A shared understanding of terminology or diagnostic terms describing groups of individuals is important for the purposes of strategic development, service planning, and the provision and equity of service delivery. A literature review provided different definitions and(More)
Although patient and public involvement in research is a requirement for research funding in many countries, the knowledge base for how to effectively involve people-and evidence of the effectiveness of involvement-is weak. This article describes how methods used in participatory health research were used to involve patients, clients, providers and(More)
The aim of this paper is to review the insights on the desirability and possibilities for using economic policy instruments to reach sustainable use of water. Special attention will be paid to the scope for price instruments and privatisation and liberalisation of the sector as these feature prominently in the current policy debate. For this aim, we will(More)
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