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The use of Multi-touch interfaces for collaborative learning has received significant attention. Their ability to synchronously accommodate multiple users is an advantage in co-located collaborative design tasks. This paper explores the Multi-touch interface’s potential in collaborative Unified Modeling Language diagramming by comparing it to a PC-based(More)
The use of multi-touch interfaces for collaborative software design has received significant attention. Multi-touch surfaces can accommodate more than one user synchronously which is particularly useful for collaborative design tasks with open-ended nature. In this paper, we explore the potential of using multi-touch technology for Unified Modeling Language(More)
The development of multi-touch tables, an emerging technology for classroom learning, offers valuable opportunities to explore how its features can be designed to support effective collaboration in schools. In this study, small groups of 10to 11-year-old children undertook a history task where they had to connect various pieces of information about a mining(More)
Saeid Nahavandi Rajkumar Buyya Richard Sinnott Heinz Schmidt Halimah Badioze Zaman Edward J. Valauskas : George Washington University & Immediate Past President of the IEEE Computer Society (USA) : Deakin University (Australia) : IEEE Transaction on Cloud Computing Chief Ed (Australia) : University of Melbourne (Australia) : RMIT University (Australia) :(More)
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