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Dictionary mechanism is the basis of Chinese word segmentation, and its quality directly affects the speed and efficiency of Chinese word segmentation. In existing dictionary mechanisms, there are such shortages as space wasting, low efficiency, and difficult maintenance, and therefore, how to establish an effective mechanism is an urgent problem for(More)
PLLA fibrous tissue scaffolds with controlled fiber nanoscale surface roughness are fabricated with a novel centrifugal jet spinning process. The centrifugal jet spinning technique is a highly efficient synthesis method for micron- to nano-sized fibers with a production rate up to 0.5 g min(-1). During the centrifugal jet spinning process, a polymer(More)
A rapid and efficient method consisting of two simple steps, centrifugal jet spinning (CJS) and annealing, is introduced to fabricate multilevel structured silica micro-/nanofibers. Using this technique, which is 500 times faster than electrospinning, silica micro-/nanofibers with a hollow or porous internal structure are formed as a result of non-solvent(More)
Polycationic nanocomplexes are a robust means for achieving nucleic acid condensation and efficient intracellular gene deliveries. To enhance delivery, a multilayered nanoparticle consisting of a core of electrostatically bound elements was used. These included a histone-mimetic peptides, poly-l-arginine and poly-d-glutamic acid was coated with silicate(More)
The centrifugal jet spinning (CJS) method has been developed to enable large-scale synthesis of barium titanate nanofibers. Barium titanate nanofibers with fiber diameters down to 50 nm and grain sizes around 25 nm were prepared with CJS by spinning a sol-gel solution of barium titanate and poly(vinylpyrrolidone) with subsequent heat treatment at 850 °C.(More)
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