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This paper contributes a new high quality dataset for person re-identification, named "Market-1501". Generally, current datasets: 1) are limited in scale, 2) consist of hand-drawn bboxes, which are unavailable under realistic settings, 3) have only one ground truth and one query image for each identity (close environment). To tackle these problems, the(More)
For long time, person re-identification and image search are two separately studied tasks. However, for person reidentification, the effectiveness of local features and the “query-search” mode make it well posed for image search techniques. In the light of recent advances in image search, this paper proposes to treat person re-identification as an image(More)
Understanding the simultaneously very diverse and intricately fine-grained set of possible human actions is a critical open problem in computer vision. Manually labeling training videos is feasible for some action classes but doesn’t scale to the full long-tailed distribution of actions. A promising way to address this is to leverage noisy data from web(More)
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