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Rice blast caused by Magnaporthe oryzae is one of the most destructive diseases of rice worldwide. The fungal pathogen is notorious for its ability to overcome host resistance. To better understand its genetic variation in nature, we sequenced the genomes of two field isolates, Y34 and P131. In comparison with the previously sequenced laboratory strain(More)
One of the most appealing features of constraint programming is its rich constraint language for expressing combinatorial optimization problems. This paper demonstrates that traditional combina-tors from constraint programming have natural counterparts for local search, although their underlying computational model is radically different. In particular, the(More)
— Large size photodiode used in high speed CMOS image sensor pixel suffers from slow signal charges transfer speed and large image lag. To solve these problems, in this paper, we present a new device structure for high speed CMOS image sensor pixel with lateral graded-doping profile pinned photodiode and non-uniform doped channel transfer gate. Theory(More)
The purpose was to investigate the prevalence rate, characteristics and related factors of breast cancer among women in Eastern China. A total of 122,058 female subjects completed the study, with 320 confirmed cases of breast cancer (crude prevalence: 262.5/100,000; standardized prevalence: 207.7/100,000). Among all of the identified breast cancer cases,(More)
Published results suggests that high adiponectin level may decrease the risk of breast cancer. However, available evidence on breast cancer is conflicting. Therefore a meta-analysis was performed to assess the association between blood adiponectin and breast cancer risk. PubMed database, Web of Science, Elsevier Science, Springer Link and bibliographies of(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer presents specific challenges both physiologically and psychologically to women, and consequently affect the patients' mental health. Psychosocial factors may play important roles in the symptoms and development of mental disorders among breast-cancer survivors. This study assesses the depression and anxiety status of breast-cancer(More)
In a previous pilot study we suggested the novel notion that the catecholaminergic sympathetic nerve endings are non-homogeneously distributed in the rat skin. In the present study we have utilized several independent methods to determine the in vivo distribution of catecholamine-containing fibers in rat skin. Using whole body macro-autoradiography with an(More)
BACKGROUND This study was designed to explore the relationship between obesity, diabetes mellitus (DM), and female breast cancer in Eastern China. METHODS A 1:3 matched case-control study was carried out, comprising 123 women with breast cancer and 369 controls. All of the 492 subjects were selected from a previous epidemiological survey of 122,058 women(More)