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Rice blast caused by Magnaporthe oryzae is one of the most destructive diseases of rice worldwide. The fungal pathogen is notorious for its ability to overcome host resistance. To better understand its genetic variation in nature, we sequenced the genomes of two field isolates, Y34 and P131. In comparison with the previously sequenced laboratory strain(More)
With the recent advances in information networks, the problem of identifying group structure or communities has received a significant amount of attention. Most of the existing principles of community detection or clustering mainly focus on either the topological structure of a network or the node attributes separately, while both of the two aspects provide(More)
One of the most appealing features of constraint programming is its rich constraint language for expressing combinatorial optimization problems. This paper demonstrates that traditional combina-tors from constraint programming have natural counterparts for local search, although their underlying computational model is radically different. In particular, the(More)
— Large size photodiode used in high speed CMOS image sensor pixel suffers from slow signal charges transfer speed and large image lag. To solve these problems, in this paper, we present a new device structure for high speed CMOS image sensor pixel with lateral graded-doping profile pinned photodiode and non-uniform doped channel transfer gate. Theory(More)
Fetal bovine serum (FBS) shows obvious deficiencies in cell culture, such as low batch to batch consistency, adventitious biological contaminant risk, and high cost, which severely limit the development of the cell culture industry. Sericin protein derived from the silkworm cocoon has become increasingly popular due to its diverse and beneficial cell(More)
We sequenced Vibrio owensii strain SH-14, which causes serious acute hepatopancreatic necrosis disease (AHPND) in shrimp. Sequence analysis showed a large extrachromosomal plasmid, which encoded pir toxin genes and shared highly sequence similarity with the one observed in AHPND-causing Vibrio parahaemolyticus strains. The results suggest that this plasmid(More)
This work presents an parallel analog-to-digital converter based on compressive sensing theory to process compressive/sparse signal below Nyquist Sampling Rate. Linear feedback shift registers (LFSR) are adopted to generate a 0/1 pseudo random sequence and a first-order delta-sigma ADC is presented to computes the inner product of random signals in our(More)
The enzymatic condition for producing the anti-obesity hydrolysates from fish water-soluble protein was optimized with the aid of response surface methodology, which also derived a statistical model for experimental validation. Compared with neutral protease, papain and protamex, the porcine pancreas lipase inhibitory rate of hydrolysates from fish(More)