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A method of simultaneous determination of three organophosphorous flame retardants in textiles by capillary gas chromatograph (GC) combined with nitrogen phosphorus detector (NPD) was developed. The samples were extracted by ultrasonic extraction, filtered by 0.22 microm microporous film and then directly analyzed by GC-NPD. The ultrasonic extraction key(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical efficacy and feasibility of surgical treatment for thoracic spinal tuberculosis with intraspinal abscesses by internal fixation, unilateral vertebral lamina limited decompression, debridement, together with interbody and posterior fusion via a posterior only approach.
 METHODS A total of 37 pantients (24 males and 13(More)
Amoxicillin (AMO) degrades in plasma at room temperature and readily undergoes hydrolysis by the plasma amidase. In this paper, a novel, rapid and sensitive LC-MS/MS method operated in segmental and multiple reaction monitoring has been developed for the simultaneous determination of amoxicillin and ambroxol in human plasma. The degradation of amoxicillin(More)
The spinal cord is the primary neurological link between the brain and other parts of the body, but unlike those of the brain, advances in spinal cord imaging have been challenged by the more complicated and inhomogeneous anatomy of the spine. Fortunately with the advancement of high technology, phase-contrast synchrotron radiation microtomography has(More)
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