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To improve the performance of secondary structure prediction, a multi-SVM ensemble was applied, bagging was used to resample the training dataset. The SVM ensemble was made of two-layer, one is composed by three SVM network decided by winner-take-all, the other is a ensemble network composed of five classifier decided by majority voting. Seven-fold(More)
Data obtained utilizing image enhancements in a carry-on bag x-ray screening task were analyzed to determine whether and how image enhancements affect performance. To complement earlier studies of experienced screeners, sixty-six novices to the screening task used six different overall enhancements. Results indicated a significant worsening of performance,(More)
—Although photogrammetry has long been used as the primary method to produce digital elevation models (DEMs), there are still some locations that are not covered by multiangle images because of various limitations. Moreover, traditional interpolation methods for producing denser DEMs often cause oversmoothing, particularly over rough terrain. To formulate a(More)
Camera sensor network (CSN) is widely used in many new applications. But low quality images or videos obtained by cheap surveillance cameras are a bottleneck for the development of CSN. A new motion-based blind super-resolution algorithm is proposed to improve the resolution of acquired image. In this method, improved projection transformation is adopted to(More)
OBJECTIVE To enhance enzymatic activity and thermostability of N-acylhomoserine lactonase (AiiA). METHODS We performed site-directed mutagenesis based on AiiA homologous 3-D protein structure, and analyzed enzymatic activity and thermostability of both wild type and mutated AiiA. RESULTS The wild type AiiA lost its N-acylhomoserine lactone (AHL)(More)