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BACKGROUND Regulated upon activation, normal T-cell expressed and secreted (RANTES) plays an important role in the inflammatory process. This study is aimed at evaluating the potential association of the -403G/A (rs2107538) and -28C/G (rs2280788) polymorphisms of the RANTES gene promoter with the risk of atherothrombotic cerebral infarction (ACI) in(More)
Spinocerebellar ataxia type 31 (SCA31), is a recently defined subtype of autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia (ADCA) characterized by late-onset pure cerebellar ataxia. SCA31 is common in Japan but whether or not it exists in other countries is still unclear. In this study, the authors describe a sporadic Chinese patient with SCA31. Although the cardinal(More)
Previous studies have shown associations of fetuin-A (alpha2-Heremans-Schmid glycoprotein, AHSG) with various disorders, including insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes mellitus, metabolic syndrome, and atherosclerosis. In this study, genotype and allele frequencies of the rs4918 SNP in the AHSG gene were examined in 380 patients with ischemic stroke and 350(More)
The aim of the study was to detect PPA1 expression in various tumors and to investigate the relationship between PPA1 expression and clinicopathological parameters to further analyze its clinical significance. Immunohistochemical staining detected PPA1 expression in 305 noncancerous tissues and 675 tumor tissues, which included 12 different tumor types.(More)
For single edge detection methods causing important and weak gradient change edge missing problems, this paper adopts the method of combining global with local edge detection to extract edge. The global edge detection can obtain the whole edge, which uses adaptive smooth filter algorithm based on Canny operator. Compared with effect of edge detection from(More)
For trust in software, developers spend much effort debugging to ensure that software behaviors as expected. Spectrum-based fault localization techniques (SFL) make use of runtime coverage of program elements, like statements, branches and du-pairs, and then check codes in the order of the rank of suspiciousness. So, correct elements with higher(More)
In this paper, the second generation wavelet transform and envelope demodulation method combining solve motor bearing fault diagnosis. Firstly, the bearing vibration signal is decomposed into three layers by the second generation wavelet packet transform with predicted and updater. Then We reconstruct the signal which has faulty characteristics. and we(More)
Visual effect and fusion quality of the traditional image fusion method is relatively poor. Compressed Sensing (CS) as a new image fusion method is proposed, which is simple and easy to implement. At first, the method uses wavelet transform to the original images and gets sparse matrix by sparse processing of wavelet coefficients. And then coefficient(More)
For the Characteristics of missile during flights with nonlinear and coupling and dynamicity, a kind of adaptive fuzzy PID hybrid control strategy is designed, which is used to control the missile attitude motion. In order to more accurately reflect changes in the vicinity of the error rate of zero, the use of fuzzy sets detailed rules for the program(More)
Due to the increasing complexity of web and client application's structure, security problem has become more and more critical. Among all the threats reported, SQL Injection Attacks (SQLIAs) have always been top-ranked in recent years, and network logs, which are very important for the detection of SQLIA, are often utilized to analyze the user's attacking(More)
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