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Assessing Validity and Application Scope of the Intrinsic Estimator Approach to the Age-Period-Cohort Problem
  • Liying Luo
  • Medicine, Mathematics
  • Demography
  • 26 September 2013
In many different fields, social scientists desire to understand temporal variation associated with age, time period, and cohort membership. Among methods proposed to address the identificationExpand
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Paradigm Shift in Age-Period-Cohort Analysis: A Response to Yang and Land, O’Brien, Held and Riebler, and Fienberg
I appreciate the opportunity to respond to the thoughtful comments by Yang and Land (henceforth Y&L), O’Brien, Held and Riebler (henceforth H&R), and Fienberg. In this response, I will (1) elaborateExpand
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The Intrinsic Estimator, Alternative Estimates, and Predictions of Mortality Trends: A Comment on Masters, Hummer, Powers, Beck, Lin, and Finch
In this article, we discuss a study by Masters et al. (2014), published in Demography. Masters and associates estimated age, period, and cohort (APC) effects on U.S. mortality rates between 1959 andExpand
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Age-Period-Cohort Analysis: Critiques and Innovations
University of Minnesota Ph.D. dissertation. July 2015. Major: Sociology. Advisor: John Warren. 1 computer file (PDF); x, 137 pages.
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Understanding Trends in the Concentration of Infant Mortality Among Disadvantaged White and Black Mothers in the United States, 1983–2013: A Decomposition Analysis
The United States compares unfavorably with other high-income countries in infant mortality, which recent literature has attributed to the poor birth outcomes among disadvantaged (i.e., unmarried andExpand
The coupling of global brain activity and cerebrospinal fluid inflow is correlated with Alzheimer’s disease related pathology
The glymphatic system plays an important role in clearing the amyloid-β and tau proteins that are closely linked to Alzheimer’s disease (AD) pathology. Glymphatic clearance, as well as amyloid-βExpand
Opposite educational gradients in sleep duration between Black and White adults, 2004-2018.
OBJECTIVES To investigate the heterogeneous effects of education on sleep duration for Black and White adults and how the education effects changed between 2004 and 2018. METHODS A total of 251,994Expand
Cohort Variation in U.S. Violent Crime Patterns from 1960 to 2014: An Age–Period–Cohort-Interaction Approach
Previous research in criminology has overlooked that cohort effects on crime should be age-time-specific (Ryder in Am Sociol Rev 30(6):843–861, 1965) and consequently assumed cohort effects to be theExpand
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