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Wind energy is increasingly considered one of the most promising sustainable energy sources for its characteristics of cleanliness without any pollution. Wind speed forecasting is a vital problem in wind power industry. However, individual forecasting models ignore the significance of data preprocessing and model parameter optimization, which may lead to(More)
Keywords: Electrical power forecasting Hybrid model Forecasting accuracy Model selection a b s t r a c t Electrical power forecasting plays a vital role in power system administration and planning. Inaccurate forecasting can lead to the waste of scarce energy resources, electricity shortages, and even power grid collapses. On the other hand, accurate(More)
Electrical power forecasting has been always playing a vital part in power system administration and planning. Inaccurate prediction may generate scarce energy resource wastes, electricity shortages, even power grid collapses. Meanwhile, accurate electrical power forecasting can afford reliable guidance for the creation planning of power and the operation(More)
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